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Indoor Boundaries

scootwebHidden Indoor Pet Containment. Set Your Pet’s Boundaries

Your pets easily learn where they can go – – and what is off-limits
Your pets are welcome in most parts of the house, but maybe there’s one room or piece of furniture you’d like to keep pet-free without raising your voice or installing unsightly gates. You can effectively keep your animals off the couch, away from the trash, out of the dining room, and away off of your kitchen counters with our indoor pet containment systems.

interiorCome. Sit. Stay Off the Chair!
Our indoor pet fences work wherever you need them, quietly, effectively, and hidden from view. A harmless, noiseless FM radio signal lets you control where your pets roam in the house. The systems work with the same DogWatch® receiver collar your pet wears outside, so it is a great way to expand the value of your Hidden Fence purchase.

Our indoor pet fence works well for both dogs and cats.

Indoor Pet Fence Installation is Simple

Just place the transmitter in the area you want to protect and create an instant hidden fence. Our indoor systems are the perfect solution for keeping your dog away from the cat litter box! For simple applications, try one of our ‘wireless’ fence units.* Just place the transmitter in the area you want to protect and create an instant hidden fence, easily adjusted by you.

If you want to keep one pet or multiple pets out of several rooms, we can install a fully wired hidden indoor fence system for you. The result will be appreciated by every pet — and person — in your home.

* ‘Wireless’ units do not require boundary wires; the signal radiates directly from the transmitter and the diameter of the signal can be adjusted to create the boundaries you need.  We do not sell INVISIBLE FENCE®, PETSTOP® or DOGGUARD® fences but can help you if you need line repairs, flagging or replacement collars.

Indoor Pet Containment Styles for Every Need

The IB-100 is a wireless Battery Operated Boundary (BOB) that you can use anywhere to create a pet-free zone. The IB-100 has a re-chargeable battery and will protect an area up to 8 feet in diameter. This is a perfect choice if you need a portable boundary that can be used without plugging it in. dw-indoor-ib-100-new
The IB-200 is our most flexible solution to keep your pet safe inside. This transmitter can be used either with or without a boundary wire. You can install the IB-200 with a wire to protect a large defined indoor area or you can use it without a wire for greater flexibility to protect smaller areas up to 10 feet in diameter. dw-indoor-ib-200-new
Scoot!® is an extra small transmitter that is used with a boundary wire that can be discreetly hidden under the lip of a kitchen island, around the edge of a window, around a specific piece of furniture and in many other small areas. This indoor pet fence works quietly, effectively and hidden from view making it virtually invisible. indoor-scoot