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Product Overview


It all starts with the transmitter, and outs has many unique Pet-Friendly™ features and benefits;


Our patented digital FM technology provides the maximum protection against false activation caused by stray radio signals. DogWatch is the only pet fence system that offers FM technology – and that makes DogWatch the most secure and the most Pet-Friendly™ hidden fence available.


Flexible Training Levels
The combination of settings on the DogWatch transmitter and receiver offer up to twenty different correction levels to ensure safe and appropriate training for your pet. You can also set your system to “audible only” to introduce your dog gently to the training and his boundaries.

Range Setting and Loop Monitor
This dual function display allows you to set the signal field width to best meet the needs of your pet(s): a broad signal field for a larger animal or a smaller signal field for your favorite feline. It also alerts you to any change in the strength of the boundary signal or to a break in the boundary wire. This is an invaluable safety feature for underground fences and fences that are invisible to the eye.

Lightning Protection
Feel confident that your DogWatch pet fence is protected should your home experience an electrical surge due to lightning. We’ve gone to extremes, like no one else, to equip your DogWatch Hidden Fence with both internal and external surge protection. External Surge Protection directs power surges and lightning from the boundary wire to the ground rod into the earth and away from your home. Internal Surge Protection suppresses surges coming in through your house wiring and diverts them to your house ground.

We do not sell INVISIBLE FENCE®, PETSTOP® or DOGGUARD® fences but can help you if you need line repairs, flagging or replacement collars.