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Product Overview – Receivers


SafeLink® – Our patented digital FM technology provides the maximum protection against false activation caused by stray radio signals. DogWatch is the only pet fence system that offers FM technology – and that makes DogWatch the most secure and the most Pet-Friendly hidden fence available.


GentleFit™ Contact Posts (Patent Pending) – 
These unique contact posts are easy on your dog’s skin. They are smooth like our standard stainless steel contact posts to minimize friction and low profile for a comfortable Pet-Friendly fit. Purrfect for cats and dogs with short coats.


FastReact® – If your dog runs at the boundary, the receiver reacts with the warning signal before he reaches the wire, not while he is traveling over it.


AutoMemory® – This patented safety feature automatically adjusts the receiver’s correction level if your pet challenges his boundary.


Warning Alert – All DogWatch systems include a warning signal to alert the dog that he is approaching the boundary. Your pet will learn to stop at the warning signal before he reaches the hidden wire. You have your choice of and audible alert or a vibration alert. The vibration warning is perfect for hearing impaired and deaf dogs.


Status Light – Only DogWatch offers a status light to confirm that your pet’s receiver is set to the correct level and functioning properly. It also lets you know when the receiver battery is low and if your pet has recently challenged the hidden fence. This important feature provides valuable information to help ensure your pet stays safely in your yard.


Automatic Shutdown – The DogWatch system is designed to protect your pet from an over-correction in the unlikely event that your dog stands in the signal field and does not quickly exit. The receiver will also automatically reset once the dog leaves the signal field.


High Impact, Waterproof – The DogWatch receiver is tested to withstand the harsh outdoor elements of rain, sleet and snow . . . as well as rigorous play!