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What Our Customers Say About Us

I love my hidden fence and better still Bandit loves it. I have never had a problem and my only sorrow is that I didn’t have it sooner. It is a real blessing and people don’t know what they are missing and how good my yard looks without the traditional fencing everywhere. Thanks!


We have used our DogWatch system for almost six years and in two different yards. Our dog is a Jack Russell terrier who gets very distracted while in the yard; he likes to run and chase! The DogWatch system is the perfect fence for Ranger because with the traditional fence, he would dig under it or try to jump over it in order to get to his target. It actually only took us three weeks to train him to stay in the yard. Being able to have him with us in the front yard has been an added bonus. We can keep our dog safe in an inexpensive manner with the DogWatch system!


Several years ago we switched from another dog fence company to yours. The decision to make the move was to get better service. And we did. Your service has been great, even to training our new dog last year. Every time I see dogs on the country roads I wish their owners would get a hidden fence. Thank you for all the service you have given us.